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Pembroke Regatta

Pembroke Regatta is held on the 5th Saturday of Lent Term, Saturday 16th February 2019, and is open to current College VIIIs and College Alumni VIIIs.

Races are held between the Stump at the end of the Long Reach and Peters Posts. The length of this course is roughly 1100m. Racing is side-by-side in the form of a knock-out competition.

The Rules of the Regatta are available here.

Any enquiries should be emailed to the Regatta Secretary, Richard Southern:

Thank-you to all crews for a great day's racing. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Category Winner Runner-Up
M1 Caius M1 Downing M1
M2 Pembroke M2 LMBC M2
M3 Emmanuel M3 LMBC M3
W1 Newnham W1 Caius W1
W2 Downing W2 Emmanuel W2
W3 Downing W3 Clare W3

Richard Southern
Regatta Secretary 2019